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DJ Morris

You take Chlorella daily whether you eat fish or not? My Mom is a big believer in Chlorella, but I always thought it was taken to minimize the affects of mercury found in some fish....ie: Tuna and Salmon? Interesting!

Cathy Fletcher

I used to take Chlorella but forgot about it. My friend and I did an experiment: we kept taking it for a couple of months. What we found was, though not a "lightning bolt", we both noticed more an absence of symptoms than anything else. And slowly, after about 3 weeks of stopping, return of symptoms. Then I had my teenager on it and the same thing happened. We just felt better and better overall.


My wife and I have been using Chlorella for years. My wife has very low energy levels and Chlorella helps her to maintain a better level of energy. However the most significant advantage offers for her is the phenomenonal effect that chlorella has on control of candida in the bowel. This has been a significant benefit, which only women can appreciate, for a number of reasons not elaborated on here.


I have been using Chlorella for about 2 weeks and LOVE it! The biggest thing I notice is a lighter feeling. I just don't really have tha heavy slugish feeling anymore. I have had constipation issues for years, and taking Chlorells + Acidophilus Probiotics, I just feel better. I would recommend anyone to try this. You can't really take too much, and can't imagine any bad side effect.


I Use Chlorella for years, it's a great medicine.

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