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that’s a damn good checklist! any chance you could make it into a pdf for us all?

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We should understand the benefits of chlorella in our body. It removes toxins that can be harmful for our health, and it's good for our digestive system.

Tajska masaža

I am taking chlorella daily for health and energy! I love it! Never tried you brand, but I'll give it a shot next time I order for my family.

resveratrol anti aging

This is a very interesting post. There are many undiscovered compounds that can help with longevity.

A popular celebrity doctor recently said on a prime time tv program, that he has no doubt at all that our generation can live until 125 years old, due in part to new breakthroughs in science coupled with a better exercise practices and more healthy diet plans.

He was talking about how resveratrol supplements have the same effect on our bodies that calorific deprivation does. Our bodies contain longevity genes otherwise regarded as sirtuins that are set off by calorie restriction and resveratrol. When our cells are damaged and sirtuins are turned on, they help our cells repair themselves plus shield them from damage to begin with. This can have the effect of extending the existence of our cells therefore our lives, and also helping us thwart diseases, so we could live longer, healthier.

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